Leechpool Woods

A beautiful mix of wet woodland and heathland habitats in these well cared for woods.  The ‘Woodland Walk’ (green arrow way-marks) is a lovely place to escape the heat on a summer’s day, whilst the coniferous trees on the ‘Heathland Route’ (purple way-marks) make it a pretty (and relatively mud-free) option for winter.

* Extensive wooden boardwalk trail through wetland

   habitat (Woodland Walk)

* Varied wildlife, fauna and forestry

* Good play area, suitable for children of all ages

* Fantastic bluebells in Spring

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Harwood Road, Horsham, RH13 6SG


Free parking. 'Woodland Walk' accessed from Harwood Road. 'Heathland Route' accessed from Owlbeech Way (RH13 6PQ)



Choose from Woodland or Heathland walks - both 1 mile long.


All day, every day

The entire Woodland Trail (green way-marks) is lightly shaded, and therefore an excellent option for a walk on a hot summer’s day. The habitat here is predominantly wetland and the paths can become extremely muddy during the wet winter months and after periods of heavy rain.  However, when it's dry underfoot, the trail is generally accessible for pushchairs (although not a smooth ride), provided you are able to lift it over the odd step, root or fallen tree en route.

The Heathland route (purple way-marks) is generally mud-free, even in winter and accessible with a pushchair  (although some steps are present). There is limited shade on this route.

Accessing the Woodland Trail

From the Harwood Road car park, head into the woods and turn immediately right, following the green arrow way-mark.

Accessing the Heathland Trail

Cross the playground and head into the woods, turning left. Then follow the purple arrows.  

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