Three Easy Ways to Entertain Kids on a Walk!

With the Indian summer set to continue over the weekend you'll want to be outdoors, enjoying the glorious Sussex countryside. But sometimes children need added entertainment to find a walk as enjoyable as adults. So...

This week we're sharing three easy ways to make your children laugh, smile, and (hopefully) walk with no complaints! As with everything on I Spy Fun, these ideas have been tried and tested by us and are firm favourites that we return to again and again. We hope you enjoy them!

Stay tuned for updates next week on a range of new activities that are being released - and enjoy your sunny weekends!

Alison x

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Shopping Memory Game

I have fond childhood memories of playing this game and it's really stood the test of time as our daughter loves it too!

How to play:​

Player 1 starts by saying 'I went to the supermarket and I bought...' they then add an item of their choice (e.g. 'some bread').

Player 2 continues the list by remembering the first item and adding an item of their choice e.g. 'I went to the supermarket and I bought... some bread and (some milk)'

Player 3 continues the list by remembering the first and second items and adding a further item of their choice (e.g. an apple). E.g. 'I went to the supermarket and I bought... some bread, some milk and an apple.'


How many items can you get in the list before an item is forgotten?

What it's Great For:​

* Improving short-term memory

* Developing listening and concentration skills


If playing with older children, allow your imagination to make the list as difficult as possible - e.g. ‘a kilo of minced beef’ or ‘a copy of September's Smash Hits magazine with a CD on the cover’!

To make it a bit easier for younger children, use the alphabet to choose items or sounds to give hints. The first item must begin with an 'A', the second item with a 'B' etc.

Alphabet Game - countries

The aim of this game is to name a country that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Believe me, this is harder than it sounds; despite there being 195 countries in the world!

Player 1 names a country beginning with A

Player 2 has to name a country beginning with B

Player 3 has to name a country beginning with C


Try not to break the chain... if a player can't go, the other players can help them out!

​What it's Great For:

* Developing geographical knowledge!

* Teamwork


Don't just stick to countries - the possibilities are practically endless! For example, animals, food, transport, girls/boys names.

Childhood Anecdotes

Children love hearing stories! However, whilst my husband is a great story teller, I find it really challenging to think of ideas. But one thing we can both do easily (and our daughter loves loads), is to share memories from our childhood.

Sussex days out - mother and child hand in hand walking in countryside

'Tell me a story from when you were a little girl/boy' is a favourite request on family walks and feels like real quality time spent together. Memories of events that don't seem remarkable to adults simply fascinate children and help them learn. Topics like where we went on family holidays, what we enjoyed most about school sports days, or the exploring we did when we were young capture attention and cause lots of (often funny!) questions!

What it's Great For:

* Sparking imagination and curiosity

* Learning about the world and their family

* Developing listening, questioning and conversation skills

We're collecting creative ideas for ways to entertain children outdoors and would love to hear your suggestions! Get in touch here.

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